Why high-quality jadeite keeps increasing in value?

High-quality jadeite with a value of more than HK$1 million each has increased by five to ten times in the past twenty years. The main reason for this surge in price is the increase in rarity and style of the jadeite also plays a key role. The price of high-quality jadeite has been constantly rising since World War II for three reasons:


1) Scarce resources:

In Myanmar, the supply of top-grade jadeite rough stones has been depleting in recent years.  In order to protect the environment and also protect the rough jadeite resources, the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environmental Conservation has announced that from summer 2020 on, mining will be suspended until further notice.  If the current mining rate maintains, the already finite resources will be completely depleted within 10 years, just like Kashmir sapphire in India. Because of this, the appreciation in value for high quality jadeite has been growing constantly and the growth will continue.


Ambience of the Myanmar Gems Emporium




2) Increased demand:

Starting from half a century ago, Chinese people around the world have been gradually accumulating wealth, which has led to a huge increase in demand for jadeite. Due to low supply and high demand, the price of jadeite has risen exponentially in the past decades.  Jewellery experts predict that jadeite will enter the global market in the next 10 years just like how ruby, sapphire and emerald impacted the jewellery world, eventually become a mainstream gemstone.  When more and more connoisseurs all over the world begin to collect jadeite, the demand will increase m




Artist Carina Lau in jadeite jade jewellery



3) Cultural heritage:

Compared with other gemstones, jadeite is not only rare in its own way, but also is believed to contain auspicious meanings and is used to keep away evil. Coupled with a theme rich in Chinese culture, the implications are expressed in the form of carving in the finished jadeite, turning it into the world’s only gem-level art piece, the perfect combination of nature, culture, art and craftsmanship.



The jadeite jade jewelleries are perfect combination of nature,
Chinese culture, art and craftsmanship.




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