Collector’s Treasures

An Extraordinary Imperial Green Jadeite Archer’s Ring with a White Jade Stand

In ancient times, rings of this type were called “she” in Chinese. They were worn on the right thumb to protect it from the bow string when the archer discharged the arrow.

Manchus, as a martial nation, wear archer’s ring to protect their fingers when they draw bows and shoot arrows on the battlefield. The earliest archer’s ring is made from the bones of deer. Wearing it on the right thumb can prevent fast arrows from scratching the fingers when shooting arrows.

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A Superb and Rare Jadeite Buddha and Diamond Pendant

The earliest Burmese jadeite can be traced back to the pearl beans used by the Burmese Pyu people about 1,800 years ago. The source of the original stone is no longer available, but it is likely to be found from the riverbed of the Uru River, a tributary of the Chindwin River in northern Myanmar.

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A Very Fine and Rare Pair of Jadeite Lingguan

Lingguan, a unique thing in the Qing Dynasty, is a symbol of official performance and rank, used to identify official rank.

According to the etiquette regulations of the Qing dynasty, all officials were required to wear a top hat. The top of the top hat was set with a bead made of precious stones, and under the bead was a cylindrical tube for the installation of a feather (“Lingzhi”), and that is Lingguan.

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An Extremely Rare Jadeite Round Bangle

Bangle has a long history. Humans have begun to wear bangle and other ornaments in the Paleolithic Age. The wrists of the naked female Venus unearthed in Willendorf in Austria have ornaments similar to bangle. Today, the bangle is also one of the most beloved jadeite jewellery. The round bangle, with its seemingly simple lines, has been popular for thousands of years.

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A Very Fine Pair of Jadeite Double Hoop and Diamond Earrings

Jadeite jade is traditionally known as “Fei Cui” in Chinese. This name has a long history. It is derived from the ancient red bird called “Fei” and the green bird called “Cui”. The Qing Dynasty was the peak period of jadeite carving craftsmanship. It gathered the great achievements of jade carving techniques in the past dynasties.

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A Highly Important Imperial Green Jadeite Cabochon and Diamond Ring

Set with a thick high-domed jadeite cabochon of vivid imperial green color and high translucency, surmounted by 258 heart-shaped and round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 5.32 carats in total, mounted in 18k white gold, cabochon approximately 25.15 x 20.52 x 12.57 mm weighing 54.99 carats.

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An Exquisite Jadeite Bead Necklace

The best natural jadeite is only produced in Myanmar. Due to the increasing mining for the past two decades, depletion of jade resources and the turbulent political situation in Myanmar, high-quality jadeite rough stones have become extremely rare, especially the old mine glassy type jadeite which is the collectors’ treasure.

The jadeite bead necklace might not seem too difficult to make. However, it is not the case because most of the jadeite rough stones are not perfect and even in colour, and most of them have cracks.

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